The Five Reasons You’re Not Licensing More of Your Music

You have licensed music in the past but are you still licensing? Unfortunately, a lot of artists license a few libraries and then slowly stop. There are many reasons as to why you aren’t licensing more music but there are also many good reasons to start up again. Licensing allows your music to get out there and to be potentially picked for production use and that, of course, means payment. So, what are the five reasons you aren’t any longer licensing more music?

You Have Gave Up Trying

A big reason as to why you aren’t licensing music or more music is down to the fact you’ve given up! Giving up trying might sound fine and you might say you don’t like your music or that it’s not good enough but it doesn’t have to be. Giving up is going to get you nowhere and it’s not going to make your music any better. It’s time to think about restarting your efforts so that you can have a successful career of selling licensed music.

You Think You’ve Licensed Enough Music

A lot of people seem to think since they have licensed several music tracks already, they don’t need to license anymore. It’s one of the top reasons why you aren’t licensing music anymore but it’s not actually a smart idea for you to follow. Remember, there are hundreds of people like you out there, and if you aren’t creating music, you aren’t earning. That’s why you have to keep on making music so that you can license them and earn. You might think you’ve licensed enough to keep you floating but it’s not actually the case.

Production Might Be Lacking

Is your production good enough? Sometimes, there could be a problem over production which could be serious lagging behind on everything else. When this is a problem, you have to deal with fixing it so that you can actually see an improvement on your work and get licensing again. Remember, you want people to buy your music so you have to really ensure it’s perfect in every sense.

The Music Just Isn’t Good Enough

While it might seem unkind to say, the reason as to why you aren’t licensing more music could be down to the fact that it’s just not good enough. Are you really putting your all into it? Sometimes, you have to understand that in music you have to put your best foot forward so that you can license more music and make a success at this too. You need to make music a priority.

You Haven’t Found Time to License Your Music

Another major reason as to why you aren’t licensing your music is down to a lack of time on your hands. If you find you haven’t really been licensing music in recent weeks or months, then it may be because of the fact that you aren’t making enough time for it. When that happens, it’s not ideal and can really make it tougher for you to start licensing again. You need to make music a priority if you want to make a living at it.

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